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Ты спасешь мир
1. If we want to prevent a global cataclysm or a new epidemic, it is of the utmost importance to fund research, on the one hand, and to strengthen the international cooperation, on the other hand. First of all, some scientists warned us : we are not immune to new and unknown epidemics. Secondly, as soon as we perceive a new global threat we must activate the international cooperation To follow

Following point 1 This means that we must use and trust the specialized international institutions. By this I mean the World Health Organization. I worked with WHO in Geneva and I know their seriousness and their efficiency

2. We believed to be invincible due to the progress of medicine. However we are only human beings, we can get sick. And above all we do not control the world as we believe. In the future, it will be important to be more humble and modest, to respect more nature

3. I hope so and personally I think that we have to go back to basics. We must take care of our family, our friends, have harmonious relationships. Life is a gift but it can be taken, that's the lesson of this dramatic epidemic. This cataclysm teaches us that the main thing is not the run for money but human relationships, friendship and love
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